The Final Push!

PHAbbey Brass (Abingdon) are looking forward to a return visit to the bandroom of Philip Harper on the 9th March as we look to add the finishing touches to ‘The Journal of Phileas Fogg’ before the L&SC Area Qualifiers on March 20th.

ODBBA Winter Contest 2016, 2 Place in 4th SectionThe band performed well at the ODBBA (Oxford) Contest and were placed 2nd from the 6 entries, so with the magic touch of Mr Harper to help them on their way the band are hoping for a favourable result in Stevenage.

RTPrincipal Conductor Rob Tompkins said ‘The band have worked very hard over the last 12 months and with visits from Nigel Seaman and Philip Harper in 2015 we are progressing well. We know that all 4th section bands have problems with intonation so this has been a key area that the band have worked on and those that heard us play at the ODBBA (Oxford) contest would have heard a totally different sound to the band from 12 months ago. Another key area is having all of the seats filled, a full band gives a full sound without anyone feeling they need to do extra to cover for an empty seat, so the changes and additions of Rob Townsend (Bass Trombone), Ellie Kate Wilding (Solo Cornet), Sarah Stedman (Repiano), Thea Marsh (2nd Baritone), Lucy Lyndon Jones (1st Trombone) , Jemma Evans (Solo Cornet) and Chris Sreeves (Tuned Percussion) means the band are well balanced and strong across all sections. The band have done really well to get to where we are now, bringing in Philip at this stage will get the piece to that next level and will give us the push to aim as high as we can at the areas on the 20th March.’